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Australian Cassowary - Art Print

$299.00 / On Sale

This work consists of Cassowary chicks and eggs. Male and female Cruiser Butterflies, Red Lace Wing and Cassowary Plums. Much work is being done to conserve the habitat of these rare flightless birds. The Cassowary are endangered of becoming extinct unless we wake up to ourselves and take extra care to protect them and their environment.

Original artwork: 2010
Original materials used: 600 GRM Fabriano Watercolour Paper || Acrylic / Pen & Ink / Watercolour

Limited Edition Prints 99

Artwork is printed on high quality German Etching Archival paper, numbered, signed and embossed for authenticity.

26cm x 36cm = IMAGE
39cm x 48cm = PRINT

Production & shipping: Art Prints will take 2 business days to produce. Shipping within Australia will be additional 3-7 business days and international shipping will take an additional 5-15 business days.

Disclaimer: Images featured are a digital representation. Final produced product may vary slightly.