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Great Egret - Miniatue


To watch an Egret hunt is a sight to behold, slow stealth movements and complete stillness before spearing its bill into the ground with remarkable speed. Its habitat is the mud flats of mangrove estuaries - wetlands.

Original artwork: 1997
Original materials used: 600 GRM Archers Paper || Pen & Ink

Artwork is printed on high quality German Etching Paper and embossed. These miniatures can also come with a decorative easel, which holds the artwork in place by a small sheet of glass.

10cm x 10cm = IMAGE
10cm x 10cm = PRINT

Production & shipping: Art Prints will take 2 business days to produce. Shipping within Australia will be additional 1-7 business days and international shipping will take an additional 3-10 business days.

Disclaimer: Images featured are a digital representation. Final produced product may vary slightly.